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About Us

Jennifer Wester, RN, CEO and founder of Arete Healthcare Solutions


Jennifer has 22 years of experience in the healthcare industry. Her desire to improve healthcare delivery, naturally led her into healthcare consulting. She joined an Independent Healthcare Consulting team of URAC and NCQA experts specializing in all phases of the accreditation process.

Prior to transitioning into consulting, Jennifer not only specialized in critical care, post anesthesia care and quality management, but she was also a URAC Reviewer.

As a URAC Reviewer, she worked with many organizations struggling to attain accreditation. URAC accreditation is a rigorous process and many organizations don’t have the internal resources to develop policies/procedures or the requisite framework to support the scope of the accreditation.

Jennifer felt the need to form her own consulting firm, Arete Healthcare Solutions, where she brings her knowledge and experience together with the expertise of specialized consultants who understand how to work through the difficulties organizations encounter during the accreditation process to work one-on-one with leadership teams and staff to develop the requisite policies, procedures and framework to support the program under the scope of the accreditation.  

In order to assure consistency with our consulting process, our consultants utilizes a proprietary accreditation compliance system developed by Arete. The Accreditation Compliance System (ACS) ensures all accreditation standards and requirements have been met prior to submitting documentation for the Desk Top Review (documentation submission) phase of the accreditation process. and ensures all evidence is prepared for the validation reivew.

Our Team

Arete is comprised of a team of RN’s with extensive healthcare experience- Including experience as Accreditation Reviewers.

Arete's team thrives on sharing their knowledge and experience and helping organizations build Accreditation Programs that not only meet the accreditation requirements and standards but exemplify quality and compliance.

Our track record proves that clear communication and expert collaboration will guide you through to accreditation.

 We will guide you every step of the way-